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    Within a few years a Christian crusade against Islam will be launched.Islam will disappear.


    English Edition

    Within a few years a Christian crusade against Islam will be launched.Islam will disappear.

    Md Fayyaz, |01:25|, 20 May 2003.

    Dozens of members of the Council of Jewish Settlements of Judea, Samaria and the Gaza District (known as the Yesha Council) met on Monday of this week in order to prepare for the struggle that will be launched after the road map is presented. There was an ominous atmosphere in the meeting, which was closed to the press. "We wanted to discuss things among ourselves," said the chairman of the council, Benzi Lieberman. "The situation is very bad, Israeli Haartez gazette reported on Beny Yallom, minister in Israel.

    Lieberman and his colleagues are battle-weary. It's been almost three years since they declared an uncompromising war against the peace plan presented by the then prime minister, Ehud Barak, at Camp David.

    `Founders' syndrome'

    In another few days, Tourism Minister Benny Elon (National Union) will make public a plan he has prepared that seeks to resolve the Palestinian question once and for all. Sharon is unlikely to adopt the plan, though. True, it proposes a two-state model, but as part of the plan, the Palestinian state will be established in Jordan and will then, of course, maintain friendly and peaceful relations with Israel. King Abdullah will not have to abdicate and there will be no urgent need to bring about the collapse of the Hashemite regime. Abdullah can become part of the new regime.

    Elon saw no need to attend the emergency meeting; He has his own way to torpedo attempts of this kind by prime ministers. His immediate plan is to make a tour of the Bible Belt in the United States in which he will meet with politicians, public figures, lobbyists and thousands of Evangelists whose soul goes out to Zion. This is the new arena of activity for the Israeli right. For everyone who wants to thwart a political move involving Israel and the Palestinians, everyone who wants to organize a petition against the president of the United States, everyone who believes that the Land of Israel belongs in full and forever to the Jewish people - a visit to this community is mandatory.

    The Christian fundamentalists have hooked up with their Jewish allies and created a formidable messianic alignment. The events of September 11, 2001, intensified this Jewish-Christian alliance, which includes some 40 million Americans. "I am very much at home among the Christians who support Israel," Elon stated proudly. "These are people who are wild about Israel and believe in the annexation of Judea and Samaria and even in the transfer of Palestinians from the soil of the Land of Israel. Compared to them, I am considered a dove."

    These believers are not acting solely for the sake of heaven. While many are motivated by the divine imperative in the Bible, from which they conclude that they should love the Jews, others are driven by messianic fervor. A war of Gog and Magog, they believe, will herald the second coming of Jesus, and the Jews will have to become Christians; those who refuse will be put to death.

    Islam will disappear.

    "It's clear that Islam is on the way to disappearing," Elon asserts with certainty. "What we are now seeing across the Muslim world is not a powerful surge of faith but the dying embers of Islam. How will it disappear?

    Very simply. Within a few years a Christian crusade against Islam will be launched, which will be the major event of this millennium.


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